When we found out some friends of ours had rented a cottage for the weekend on Lake Simcoe to ice fish, we  jumped at the chance to join. Not because we are in to ice fishing (at all) but it meant seeing a friend of ours from the states that we don’t get to see very often. Plus, we decided to take advantage of being up north and went downhill skiing. I am decidedly a cross country skier so we took lessons at Horseshoe Valley. I enjoyed the skiing, but I have decided that chair lifts are my arch enemy in life. Maybe I should just skip straight to Helli skiing?

I took this picture straight out the back of the cottage on Saturday morning. Everything was so white, it looked like we just plum ran out of earth at the end of the cottage. In the rush to leave Friday night, I frickin’ forgot my dSLR. URGH. So, I shot this with my iPad Air. I know. I hate people who take pictures with their iPad too.



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