2014: Week 12

Packing up the pony for a week of horse showing in St. Louis. I am going for one week, and then my horse is staying on with my trainer for another 2 weeks of showing in the states. I will miss the little bugger! Have been trying in vain to get a good eye shot […]

2014: Week 10

Have been trying to get better at downhill skiing this year, and I have to say, my biggest issue is the chairlift rather than the actual skiing. Why the hell do they make it so challenging to get off the lifts!?! Had a bit of a breakthrough last weekend, here’s hoping it holds

2014: Week 8

I never really thought I was the kind of person that would get up really early in the AM to watch Olympic hockey. I guess it is still possible to learn things about oneself. I went down to the Atrium at the CBC building here in Toronto (also where I work) to watch the game. […]

2014: Week 7

Had to get an MRI done on my shoulder on Sunday.  I can’t say I am a fan of hospitals – is anyone? I was concerned about feeling claustrophobic in the machine but managed to keep it together. I will get the results in a week. Took this shot as I was walking to the […]

2014: Week 6

This is my mom’s cat, Jacob. 13 years ago, I was home for the weekend and my mom decided that she wanted to go to the Humane Society to get a dog. So we headed off together with the idea that we’d just be going to see what sort of dogs were available. In order […]

2014: Week 5

Coffee and a book – pretty good Sunday morning. This isn’t related at all to the picture, but just before Christmas I injured my left shoulder somehow and it is still bothering me. I have been going to physio, getting (painful) massages and while it is doing better it still isn’t 100%. I have had […]

2014: Week 4

When we found out some friends of ours had rented a cottage for the weekend on Lake Simcoe to ice fish, we  jumped at the chance to join. Not because we are in to ice fishing (at all) but it meant seeing a friend of ours from the states that we don’t get to see […]

2014: Week 3

Went over to Allan Gardens to take to take some pictures. I used to go there fairly regularly when we lived in the East-end but I have not been there in a while. It is a great place to visit in the winter as you get a quick hit of tropical warmth. It is free, […]