Week 50, 51, 52: Out of Time

What can I say, I ran out of time. Work snowballed in a major way. And then I had to flee the country, leaving my weekly photo project in the dust. Week 50 – Gray Shot from my office window. I was mostly in my office during the month of December. Week 51 – Creepy […]

Week 49: Almost there

Almost there… Almost at 52 weeks worth of weekly photos. Exciting! Almost there… Almost done this project at work that has been sucking all of my time. Here is a picture I snapped working at my desk at midnight one day last week. Almost there… Almost done work for Christmas Vacation. Almost there… Almost time […]

Week 48: Dog Days Are Over

Yes, I am late this week. And yes, another iPhone picture. How shameful! Again, big project at work – almost done though. Lord knows I am counting down the days until we are done. Work has been consuming my life, my thoughts. I had a nice reprise last week though when we put up the […]

Week 47: Horse Sense

Using an older photo (taken about 4 weeks ago) for my weekly photo this week. There are a number of reasons for that, but mainly I have been focused on my actual day job (shocking, I know) for the past little while as one of my major projects is coming close to completion. For those […]

Week 44: Christmas Time is Here

So, perhaps a bit premature on the title? I walked in to the grocery store this weekend only to be greeted with a big display of clementines. These tiny oranges always mean one thing to me – CHRISTMAS! As soon as I dug in to peel the skin of my first orange of this Christmas […]

Week 43: Reflection

So, a little late in posting last week’s photo. Of course, it is all due to the fact that I have been a bit busy editing photos from last weekend’s photo sessions. I actually had two sessions last weekend, resulting in double the photos the edit! So today I am just trying to get caught […]

Week 42: Prepare yourself….

… For the cute overload! Last week I alluded to a photo that I took of a particularly cute little dog. I have decided to post it this week as my weekly photo. But are you sure you are ready? Can you handle the cute? ‘Cause I don’t think that you can handle the cute.