2014: Week 2

We have certainly had some wild weather here over the past week. The beginning of the week saw temperatures nearing -30 with the windchill. By Saturday things had warmed up to +5. The result was an incredibly foggy day yesterday as the warm air met with the cold ground (at least I assume that was […]

2014: Week 1

Please excuse me while I brush the dust off of my site. I can tell it has been a while since I have been here – not just due to the date of my last post – but it took me several tries to recall my WordPress login. I have decided to undertake another photo […]

29: 365

Hard to believe, but I have finished my 365 project. And to think, it all started with this picture: http://www.jessiebonisteel.com/29/29-001/ Certainly, this was not an easy project. There are many days that I missed, especially in the middle of winter when I was working a lot and there didn’t seem to be much interesting to […]