Week 34: Better Late Than Never

I am two weeks behind in my posting! However, I have (I think) just cause. I have been busy getting my new website ready. I have given jessiebonisteel.com a bit of a face lift so that I would have more flexibility. I wanted to be able to post galleries containing my photos, as well as […]

From The Back

I was looking through my photo stream on Flickr and I realized just how few photos I shot in 2009. Mind you, I did shoot a couple of events wherein I took lots of photos, but the volume of photos I shot just for myself pales in comparison to other years. I hope to change […]

Somewhere Else

Every once in a while I go through a really intense bought of insomnia. It usually feels like there is no rhyme or reason (it isn’t always directly related to stress at work, for example) but it leaves me feeling like I have been hit bu a truck. Incidentally, I think this photo is a […]