Cottage Living

Oh my poor neglected photoblog. What can I say? Life has been rather hectic the past couple of months, it has hardly felt like summer at all. However, I did manage to escape to my Grandfather’s cottage in Fort William, Quebec for the first week in August. Although the weather was less than ideal, it […]

Wine Tour in France

I was hanging out with my Grandparents on Saturday afternoon, sitting around, talking. Catching up. Somehow we got on to the topic of making a list. But not just any list, a to-do list. A life to-do list. I have always thought there was something vaguely morbid about making a life list. I mean, really, […]

Chaos Theory

This is a shot taken from my nook (office) looking in to the living room and Kitchen area of the new place. This was shot on Friday, just after the movers were finished bringing everything in. Unfortunately, I could not move all of my clothes and bedroom stuff in to the actual bedroom as we […]