Week 40: Wine Country

Okay, I know. I know that I just got back from a wonderful trip to Brussels and Amsterdam. But I just couldn’t help myself. When I saw how gorgeous the weather was meant to be this weekend and I realized that we could get away with practically avoiding family this Thanksgiving, I knew we just […]

Week 39: Brussels

Brussels was actually the inspiration for this whole trip. Jay had read an article on the Globe and Mail last winter that talked about all the great beer and chocolate Brussels has to offer. Well, I can’t really think of a better excuse to go to a place than beer and chocolate. I had also […]

Week 38: Amsterdam

I have decided to do separate Amsterdam and Brussels posts – otherwise I would end up with a post that is just way too long! We arrived in Amsterdam in the early AM of the 18th. I am ashamed now about how little I really knew of Amsterdam. I knew that there were some canals […]