Week 47: Horse Sense

Using an older photo (taken about 4 weeks ago) for my weekly photo this week. There are a number of reasons for that, but mainly I have been focused on my actual day job (shocking, I know) for the past little while as one of my major projects is coming close to completion. For those […]

Week 38: Amsterdam

I have decided to do separate Amsterdam and Brussels posts – otherwise I would end up with a post that is just way too long! We arrived in Amsterdam in the early AM of the 18th. I am ashamed now about how little I really knew of Amsterdam. I knew that there were some canals […]

Week 35: Playing Catch Up

PHEW! September has been a busy month so far and we aren’t even half-way through. I realized that I don’t spend a single weekend at home this month. Even just typing that makes me feel a little exhausted. I require good, alone & at home time in order to feel like my batteries are really […]

Week 34: Better Late Than Never

I am two weeks behind in my posting! However, I have (I think) just cause. I have been busy getting my new website ready. I have given jessiebonisteel.com a bit of a face lift so that I would have more flexibility. I wanted to be able to post galleries containing my photos, as well as […]

Week 11: First Signs

I felt slightly voyeuristic taking this picture. But, I really like it. I was heading home one day after work and the setting sun was shining bright through the windows. The weather has been so fantastic lately all I really want to do is run around outside an enjoy it. I am looking forward to […]

Week 10: Chicago – again

Okay, so technically I am cheating this week. I am posting another photo from Chicago. I just cant help it, there were so many interesting buildings in Chicago I just had to post one more shot. I like the Gothic look of this photo and the perspective of being down on the ground and looking […]