The Perfect Diet

I recently decided to get my Precision Nutrition Level 1 certificate. My primary motivation was just deepening my own understanding of nutrition science, and perhaps learning some information and skills that could help family and friends. It is a confusing world out there when it comes to nutrition, and we are constantly surrounded by conflicting information. Low carb diets will kill you! Fat is good for you! It can be a challenge for even the most well-informed to know what to believe.

Another motivation for pursuing this certificate was that maybe, finally I would come to learn - once and for all - what exactly is the perfect diet. What is the best way to eat for health? For maintaining or developing fitness? For helping with the prevention of disease and weight gain? I thought perhaps taking this course would help find that answer.

So imagine my surprise when in some of the very first readings I had to finished I learned that PN doesn’t actually fall in to one specific diet pigeon hole! In fact, the typical thinking in PN is that there is no such thing as one perfect “diet” that is going to fit every individual and every scenario.

And I get it - thousands of people all around the world sign up for this program. They come from a huge range of backgrounds. And the people these future coaches will go on to help will come from just a diverse range of situations too. Different socioeconomic backgrounds, different schedules, different food intolerances and allergies. Different goals and perhaps even differences in how readily they can access certain kinds of nutrients.

PN also states that most good, healthy diets look more similar than not and all have the same founding principles such as eating whole foods and getting a good amount of vegetables. Fundamentally, all of these different diets are about having an awareness of what you are putting into your body on a regular basis. So once you scratch the surface, these trendy diets might have more in common than you realize at first.

Food for thought.